The Jamo® brand—owned by Klipsch Group, Inc.—bases all of its audio products, speakers and electronics alike, on the Danish design tradition of style, simplicity and functionality. For Jamo, it's not just about delivering great sound; it's about how a product integrates into a living space.

Through the years, Jamo has received widespread recognition for creating products with a unique "Danish Sound." What does that mean? Jamo views it as a balance that can be best described as open, clear, coherent and undeniably musical.

Just as important, however, Jamo products are designed and engineered to continue the proud Danish traditions of beauty and practicality. For centuries, the Danes have been known for their natural aptitude when it comes to architecture, construction and design. It's an essence that's reflected in the contemporary, yet timeless, look of Jamo's creations. Often, Jamo works closely with imaginative and quality-conscious product visualizers, such as Smedegaard & Weiss, an award-winning female design team. This highly respected Danish duo is internationally known for their ability to combine technical excellence with an intuitive feel for consumer demand.  

Product Range

A detailed listing of all product within the Jamo range can be found below. Please note that we rely on an external JAMO distributor site to populate this section and as such all items may not be available locally or RRP may be listed in foreign currencies. Please phone Remedytec to check availability.

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