New Acoustic Dimension (NAD) was founded in 1972 by Marty Borish, and today a fully owned subsidiary of the Lenbrook Group of companies based in Toronto Canada.

NAD prides itself in ensuring the highest possible audio and video performance at the given price. Unnecessary features, referred to as ‘bells’ and ‘whistles’ that has no relevance to the goal of ultimate performance are left out.

The NAD product range has evolved into the Classic Series, the high end Masters Series, and the life style orientated Solutions Series that includes the recently introduced VISO Two and VISO Five. NAD products continue to astound.

The simplicity and ease of use remains. Digital amplification has been around for a few years. As always there are applications that claim to be a digital, but it is not truly digital from A to Z.

NAD has always held the view that they will embrace the ‘new’ digital technology only when they are certain that it will better their existing older technology designs.

Product Range

A detailed listing of all product within the NAD range can be found below. Please note that we rely on an external NAD distributor site to populate this section and as such all items may not be available locally or RRP may be listed in foreign currencies. Please phone Remedytec to check availability.

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Other Brands

Monitor Audio
Red Block 1
Grey Block 1
Blue Block 270
RedBlock 290
Grey Block 320
White Block 350