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The success of our firm rests in the knowledge that our reputation is only as good as the service provided to our last customer. As such we appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, you might have.

Contact/visit us at:

Shop 5A Alberton Lifestyle Centre
Cnr Saint Austell and Ring Road West
(Just off Voortrekker Street)
New Redruth, Alberton

Tel: 011 869 7755 (Telkom) / 011 867 7755 (voip)

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Normal Trading hours:

Monday- Friday: 08:30 - 16:50

08:30 - 12:50 (or later, season depending- please confirm)



Public Holidays:

Limited hours or closed on government public holidays and day preceding, PLEASE CONFIRM.
(Absolutely closed on Christmas Day, Family Day, Easter Weekend and New Year)



We offer comprehensive demonstrations on all the brands we supply and this often takes time.
To ensure that you enjoy the best possible experience, receive the most knowledgeable advice and do not have to wait your turn, please book in advance for a time most convenient for you.