PLEASE NOTE that promotions are often for a very limited period and as such impossible to load online before it has actually expired. As result this list often only represents a fraction of the promotions that may currently be available from Remedytec.

To find the best possible system for your pocket, please phone us on 011 869 7755. Remedytec offers a vast range of items across a number of brands. As such certain niche items may not be on display or a regular stock item. Rest assured that these items can usually be acquired within a day or so, and that demonstrations can usually be arranged, albeit perhaps at a different time and/or place.

Current Promotions
BEATING THE BUDGET SPECIAL - Extended Yamaha AV going at a steal!
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JAMO celebration specials - UPDATED -May/June '17 ... paired with your favourate Yamaha/Denon amd save up to 40%
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2016/2017 AVR CLEARANCE - May 2017 Great the AVR you want... at a price you can afford.
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Demo & End of range clearance -updated 11 January 2017

The last of the favourites  - get it before it's gone! NB: This item is updated from time to time - Check back regularly!

Highlights: DENON HEOS, YAMAHA, AKG; Yamaha; Projector screens

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